Dinner – Winter 2017

From Executive Chef: Serena Bass
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Grilled Tuscan Bread Crostini

Warm Anjou Pear, Crisp Prosciutto, Gorgonzola, Organic Ricotta, Fresh Sage, Balsamic Syrup  10

Roasted Butternut Squash, Fontina, Fried Sage, Blood Orange Zest   10

Creamy Garlic Parmesan Bread 9


Fried Calamari, Chipotle Aioli  12

Parmesan Polenta Fries with Black Olive Dip  9

Salt Cod Fritters with Chive Aioli 9

Lump Crab Cake, Braeburn Apple Salad, Saffron Rouille 14

Grilled Octopus, Cannellini Beans, Shallots, Tomato Passata, Lemon, Fresh Oregano  14


Warm Grilled Organic Kale Salad, Cannellini Beans, Rosemary, Parmesan, Sherry Vinaigrette 14

Caesar Salad, Pulled Tuscan Croutons and Shaved Parmesan  12

Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Smoked Bacon and Organic Ricotta  13

Salad of Arugula, Warm Roasted Pears, Walnuts, Shaved Parmesan, White Balsamic Vinaigrette  13

Grilled Chicken – 7, Grilled Marinated Shrimp – 7, or Grilled Salmon – 12


Wild Mushroom Lasagna with Shiitake, Porcini, Sauteed Spinach with Lemon and Garlic, Sage Pesto 20

Rigatoni, Pan Fried Spicy Italian Pork Sausage, Holland Peppers, Vidalia Onion, Fresh Herbs, Grated Parmesan  19 *

Spaghettini Arrabiata, Parmesan 18 * With Grilled Shrimp 25 *

Gnocchi, Truffle Butter, Parmesan, Guanciale, Cream, Sage 19 *

Spaghetti, Roasted Veal Meatballs, San Marzano Tomato, Basil, Parmesan 19 *

*Can Be Made With Gluten Free Penne Pasta 2


Spinach Sautéed with Lemon and Garlic 9

Roasted Veal Meatballs Pomodoro, Parmesan 10

Garlic Parmesan Mashed Potatoes 8


Pan Seared Berkshire Pork Chop, Spinach Sautéed with Cream, Currants Agro Dolce   24

Chicken Breast with Wild mushrooms, Red Wine Reduction, and Mascarpone,
Farro Pilaf with Toasted Walnuts, Basil, Parsley and Rosemary 23

Hanger Steak with Lemon and Rosemary, Romano Beans with New Potatoes, Butter, Shallots and Chives 25

Steamed Mussels, Tomato, Garlic, Cannellini Beans, Hot Cherry Peppers, Grilled Bread 18

Pan Seared Red Snapper, Orange Beurre Blanc, Autumn Vegetable, Mozzarella Gratin   26

Grilled Atlantic Salmon, Carrot Spears with Apple Cider Glaze, Kale and Yukon Gold Mash  24

Executive Chef: Serena Bass
A 20% Service Charge will be added to parties of 6 or more